Management Proficiency

An outline to the most essential business skills and the art of effective and efficient management. The lessons are 100% at your own pace. Independent candidate can start immediately start-up online.

Skills you will study:

  • Basics of leadership & team development
  • Strategic decision making & negotiation skills
  • Essentials of project, crisis and time management

About this course:

In today’s business world, management and leadership skills are essential for long-term success. This course teaches you how to manage organisations and empower people. You will acquire various leadership models, discover different leadership styles and understand how teams develop.

You will also learn the basics of project management, change management and time management. short case studies that summarize the key takeaways of this course. Additionally, this course will teach you how to handle crises, how to make better decisions and how to become a superior, more effective negotiator.

Once complete, you can download and print your certificate, which you can use to potentially boost your career. The course will be available 24/24 hours and 7 days a week for the period of time you are register.

Course available for 24 days
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Enrolled: 249 students
Duration: 58 Hours
Level: Beginner