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In this course, you will study the skills to understand today’s economy and to succeed in today’s interconnected business world. The lessons are 100% at your own pace. Independent candidate can start immediately start-up online.
Skills you will study:

  • Understanding essential economic principles and concepts
  • Analyzing the production and consumption of goods and services
  • Evaluation of international business strategies

About this course:
This course introduces basic economic concepts that are fundamental to understand many of the issues faced by business firms. Study the procedures that govern the production and consumption of goods and services in a global economy: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

Obtain a short case study of the World Trade Organization and the European Union that summarizes the key takeaways of this course.

You will comprehend important principles like price elasticity and the law of supply and demand. This course also includes the different economic systems around the globe, the essential business cycle phases, the country analysis tool, and international business strategies.

Once complete, you can download and print your certificate, which you can use to potentially boost your career. The course will be available 24/24 hours and 7 days a week for the period of time you are register.

Course available for 21 days
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Enrolled: 289 students
Duration: 46 Hours
Level: Beginner



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