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Floristry Business

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Floristry Business 1

Learn inside secrets, tips and advice to make sure you are successful in floristry. You will learn all the information you need to start a career in the florist industry, from flower and plant biology, to starting and running your own store. You will gain valuable knowledge, information and skills that you will need, setting you on the path to success in the future. The lessons are 100% at your own pace. The independent candidate can start immediately online.

Skills you will learn:
Each course provides you with the knowledge and skills you will need for a career in the florist industry. In addition to studying, you also have access to nine helpful instructional videos to help you be successful in this chosen career.  You can expect to have knowledge in all areas of floristry, including:

  • The basics of floristry, a history and what you will need to have a career in this industry.
  • Your responsibilities, requirements for entering the industry and the possibilities that are available to you.
  • All the information you need to know about plants and flowers, from colors to diseases to handling, and more.
  • What services are provided by florists and various business models, how to use technology and how to deal with commercial customers.
  • Some valuable advice on the processing, storing and maintaining of plants, along with products you can use to maintain cut flowers.
  • The information needed in the florist industry regarding the most popular flower choices and what greens and fillers you can use to create a spectacular bouquet or arrangement.
  • Elements and principles of design this module is going to provide you with insight into the design elements associated with floristry. Balance, scale, color and size, and more.
  • the basics of design and style in floristry. Elements of design, Western and Eastern influences and mass arrangements are covered in this information packed module.
  • to make floral arrangements.
  • create the perfect arrangement for a vase.
  • to pick a focal flower to create the centerpiece of your bouquet. Take advantage of the easy-to-understand step by step instructional video.
  • the history of the corsage and how to make one.
  • the requirements, setting yourself up as a wedding florist, building a portfolio and how to create the perfect wedding bouquet.
  • the traditions surrounding funeral flowers, choosing the flowers and their meaning and how to create a funeral wreath.
  • to create beautiful basket gardens or fruit baskets.
  • provide you with some insight on how to get a job in the florist industry, from looking for an opening to creating your own job opportunities.

After you complete this course, you possibly will:

  • Starting your own florist business from creating a business plan to financing.
  • the best marketing techniques you can use to boost your brand and increase your customer base.

On completion you can download and print your certificate, which you can use to potentially boost your career moving forward. The course will be available 24/24 hours and 7 days a week for the period of time you are register